Covid-19 Update for staff & learners - Term 2 classes in January 2021

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21 December 2020

Message to all H&F Adult Learning students - Term 2 classes in January 2021


Dear Students,


I hope you are all keeping safe and looking forward to the Christmas holiday. 


Following the Government announcement at the weekend that London has moved into Tier 4 and the sharp rise in C19 infections in Hammersmith and Fulham and other parts of London, our H&F C19 Recovery Board has just confirmed today Monday 21st December, that all adult learning face to face classes which were planned for term 2 in January 2021 are now suspended and will NOT go ahead



However, please note, all online Adult Learning classes will continue as planned in January, but any face to face classes planned at our centres will now not go ahead. The Recovery Board will review this decisions on a rolling basis, but we have been advised to pause all face to face classes for the time being.  


The H&F Council’s C19 Recovery Board is made up of the Chief Executive and the Senior Directors and has the final say on which essential Local Authority services must stay open and which LA services have to close. Obviously, this decision has been made because of London moving into Tier 4, the rapid rise in C19 infection rates and in order to protect staff and students who use our centres.


This is extremely disappointing news for all students who wish to continue their face to face classes at our centres, but equally disappointing for our adult learning staff, who have worked so hard to ensure that our students can still participate in their classes at our centres. We had in fact planned to increase the number of face to face classes in January 2021 as part of Phase 2 of our Adult Learning Return and Recovery plan, but sadly this is not to be for now.   


As you have all seen and heard on the news, this is a rapidly changing landscape with government announcements released on an almost daily basis making it extremely difficult to keep up with current and changing C19 policies.   


I want to reassure all of our students, that our ALSS staff - in partnership with the H&F Covid-19 Health & Safety Technical Assurance team - have made every effort to ensure that you are learning in a Covid-19 safe and secure environment.  We will of course do everything we can to ensure the safe return of face to face classes as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor and review the everchanging situation in the light of future government announcements and update you on any decisions made by our H&F Local Authority Covid 19 Recovery Board as soon as we can. Please check updates on our website - 


I would like to thank all of our students and our ALSS staff for your continual support and commitment throughout this pandemic. I sincerely hope our face to face classes will return to our centres as soon as possible and when it is safe to do so.


Finally, in what has been an extremely difficult year for everyone, I’d like to wish you and all of your families a peaceful and safe Christmas holidays. 


Kind regards



Eamon Scanlon

Head of Adult Learning & Skills Service

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