Covid-19 Update: Phase 5 return to Macbeth centre

Adult Learning and Skills Service

6 January 2022

Dear Student

Happy New Year!! 

I hope you have all managed to have a good Christmas break and have been keeping safe and well.

We are all looking forward to starting the new year in 2022 and another phased return of face to face classes at our Hammersmith & Fulham Adult Learning Centres. The Spring term (January - April 2022) begins next Monday 10th January 2022 for some classes, and for others over the following weeks. We will also continue to offer some online classes as part of a blended learning approach.

At the Council’s C19 TAG/Recovery Board meeting on Thursday 6th January, it was decided that our H&F Adult Learning Service can return to our Adult Learning Centres with more face to face classes this term. 

Our Adult Learning & Skills team, with support from H&F Council’s C19 Technical Assistance Group (TAG), have been very busy preparing for a Phase 5 return to our Adult Learning centres for face to face courses. We have had regular meetings and site visits with the Council’s C19 TAG team in preparation for the return. The TAG team looks at every aspect of health and safety to ensure that any return is Government compliant and meets current national DFE and Local Authority C19 guidelines. Any return to face to face classes must continue to follow a manageable phased approach. The main priority is to ensure that all of our staff and students are kept safe and properly protected. From 10th January 2022, some classes will be delivered face to face, but where appropriate we will also continue to offer some online remote classes (or through course work).

  • Students will need to enrol online or over the phone.
  • All enquiries must be made over the phone or via email.
  • The Macbeth Centre, Uxbridge Road centre and Normand Croft Community Centre will only be open to registered staff and students. These centres will not be open to the general public. 
  • There will be restricted use of these buildings for a limited number of selected ALSS staff and students attending the face to face classes starting from the week beginning Monday 10th January 2022. 
  • All staff and students will need to complete an Individual Risk Assessment if they haven’t already done so.
  • C19 Home Testing Lateral Flow Kits will be available at the centres and staff and students must ensure that they carry out a test the night before, or in the morning before attending class. If the test is positive you must inform us via phone a.s.a.p. and refrain from attending the centres. 
  • All staff and students will be registered in the building and can be tracked and traced in the event of an outbreak. 
  • All staff and students will be encouraged to wear PPE e.g. face masks or visors and gloves etc. where appropriate.
  • The Government has recommended wearing face masks in class, unless you have a valid reason for not doing so.  
  • PPE will be supplied to staff by our adult learning centres, but those students attending face to face classes must bring their own face masks etc. 
  • Reception and all areas of the building will continue to be clearly marked to encourage social distancing and rotational movement in and around the buildings etc. 
  • Class times will be staggered to ensure reduced contact between staff and students from different classes. 
  • All Adult Learning Centres, classrooms and workshops have undergone a C19 H&S Risk Assessment to ensure that they meet all requirements for health and safety and TAG. 
  • Rigorous and heightened cleaning and sanitisation of equipment will continue to be a requirement for everyone.
  • There will be limited numbers of staff and students in classes and around the building to ensure social distancing and C19 rules are still adhered to as much as possible. 
  • Face to face evening classes will begin again on Monday 10th January 2022 at our Macbeth centre. Please check with ALSS info Line if your specific course is going ahead on or telephone 020 8753 3600. 
  • Saturday face to face classes will begin again on Saturday 15th January. Please check with ALSS info Line if your specific course is going ahead on or telephone 020 8753 3600.  
  • The C19 H&S TAG team will regularly monitor and review progress. 

The above Phase 5 return is dependent on no further spikes of C19 or new variants. However, should there be any further outbreaks, our ALSS service has a robust Outbreak Response Plan, which will be implemented if necessary. 

The decision by the Local Authority Recovery Board and C19 TAG team for a continued phased return of adult education classes has been carefully considered. The health and safety of all our staff and students is of paramount importance to the Local Authority and our ALSS service. The pandemic is still ongoing, so government, DFE and our H&F Local Authority guidelines are subject to frequent changes. However, we will continue to meet regularly with the C19 H&S team and keep you all up to date with progress.

I am sure, like me, you are glad that we are able to return to our centres with more face to face classes for the beginning of the new year. I hope you all enjoy your adult education classes and we look forward to meeting some of you again in person at some point during the Spring term. 

Thank you all for your ongoing support and commitment.


Kind regards,

Eamon Scanlon

Head of Adult Learning and Skills

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