Tutor Profile - Iffy Laleye

Health, Childcare & Teaching

16 September 2019


'Teaching is something I have been exposed to from a young age. I studied economics and grew up in a home with both parents as teachers. After graduation I originally went into fashion; designing clothes combined with running/managing a school.

After my son started at nursery it was a very challenging transition as he would not settle. I ended up being there all day, every day. After spending a year volunteering in the nursery I applied to study a childcare vocational qualification, and got a job on completion as a  nursery manager.

Whilst working in the nursery, I started doing in-house training, and made improvements to how things were running. I felt working in the nursery would not have as much impact as training people to work there - so started my teaching journey and a new chapter in my life.

My teaching style is more learner-focused/centred. The learners take responsibility for what we learn and the classroom rules. I am more of a facilitator. My learners inspire me every day because of their willingness and eagerness to learn.

Within the department we have about 70 learners. The courses we have run from entry 3 to level 4. Currently I am developing adult health and social care and plan to run it at level 3 in 2019/20 academic year.

Also available are short courses which support employment and CPD. These include: Dyslexia, Employability skills, Mental health awareness, First aid, Interpreting for childcare, and Food Safety Award.

I would love to set up the classroom as a nursery class where learners can actually be in the real work environment whilst learning the theory. Currently there are resources in the classroom however we do need to pack them up after every use.

In 2019/20 plans are in place to run a qualification on learning how to prepare nutritious meals for children and the elderly. Our centre has a state-of-the-art and well-equipped kitchen. On successful completion students could become a school chef.

The care department has an excellent success rate, which does not end with achieving but with high employment rates and opportunities to explore  other career pathways such as nursing, midwifery, hospital play work, and care advocates.

I enjoy meeting people and sharing ideas. For me the icing on the cake is when the learners either send me a message or I get a phone call telling me they’ve got the job!'

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