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5 September 2022

For anyone who wishes  to increase their range of movements and feel more flexible. You will learn how to perform exercises correctly and in a safe way, how to listen to your body when exercising, and you will gain the confidence to exercise outside the class.

Move better, feel stronger

What will the course will cover?

  • Basic exercises to improve mobility and strengthen the body.

Course Details

Course code: AW1870 on Wedneday 11.00-12.00 starting on 21/09/22 for 10 weeks at Macbeth Centre.

Beginners full body workout

What will the course Cover?

  • How to exercise safely and effectively to improve your health and fitness. A combination of cardiovascular activity and muscle toning exercises working the entire body.

Course Details

Course code: AW1106 on Saturday 11.30-12.30 starting on 24/09/22 for 10 weeks at Macbeth Centre.


Course Fees

Standard Fee £45, if you are eligible for concessions - £20 

To enrol online call 020 8753 3600 and speak to one of our admin staff.  For more information about each course, click on the course title.

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