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18 September 2019

Prevention and rehabilitation for Osteoporosis/ 
Strength and balance

'I started out in life from school and youth training as a nanny but always knew that one day I would be a fitness instructor. I entered fitness when I was 30 years old, fresh from Hackney College working in Islington for a number of years where I trained for Level 4 special populations, and have never looked back.

I was always good at fitness from primary school: I swam for my borough, played all the usual sports, and loved gymnastics. By my teens I was always training and running; at 16 I started going circuit training; then spent my 20s working and got my head down to studying fitness when I was 28.

I was once referred to as ‘small but mighty’! I like to think I give beneficial, enjoyable, and achievable targets. My participants really inspire me - as the more they get out of it, the better they feel, the more I get out of it.

I would love to collaborate with specialist Doctor Dawn Skelton and Susie Dynon - they are wonderful people, with worlds of knowledge.

At the moment we have between 12 and 16 students in the Osteoporosis classes, and 10 currently on the Strength and Balance, so it’s a nice number for people to get the opportunity to have one to one attention as well as group training.

For the future, I’m thinking of running a taster Strength and Balance Circuit class through the summer programme; and am continuing my research into the new and updated information on bone strength - by continuously improving the training it will enable students to get the best out of the Osteoporosis classes.

I’d like to say thank you to all the participants that have loyally come through the many years I have taught, and will go on to teach, for Agewell. It’s an absolute pleasure!' 


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