SEN courses update

Special Educational Needs

23 March 2021

SEN Courses update


Phased reopening 

As part of the preparations for reopening our centres, we were assessed by the councils Recovery board and COVID-19 Health & Safety team, who are making sure that council buildings come out of lockdown safely. 

Discussions are still ongoing, but we will not hold face to face classes at the start of next term. There is a chance that we will introduce some short courses, after half term, but that is only if it is deemed safe for our learners and staff.

We will continue to monitor the phased return in consultation with the COVID-19 H&S team on a week by week basis.


@Home classes in April

The Macbeth@Home course will continue next term, please see the Macbeth@Home flier for more information.

To get the most out of these classes we cannot recommend enough that every home has internet access, a computer to use for worksheets and activities, a webcam to take part in Zoom sessions plus willing family members or support staff to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Return to Macbeth in September?

Hopefully we will be able to resume normal, face to face, classes at Macbeth in September and we will make sure everything is in place and ready to start then.

I will be in contact with updates as soon as arrangements are agreed.


Thanks and stay safe!


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