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9 July 2020

Following the Coronavirus lockdown, when many other colleges cancelled their classes, learners with Special Educational Needs were left particularly isolated. ALSS responded rapidly to put in place a new remote program called Macbeth@Home, for all SEN. 

We were able to give our learners a selection of activates and support including weekly work packs, from every class, plus daily Zoom sessions and phone calls from tutors and LSA’s.

“Macbeth@home distance learning work has kept me busy and given me fun and interesting things to do during the week. It’s nice to share my work with my family, we’re all learning.”

Firdaus Belmokhtar, SEN online
Photos of crafts and cooking with learners

Karen and Jacintha cooking at home and jewellery and craft created by other M@H learners

The established staff in the department conducted a large review of our learners to see who could access Zoom sessions, emailed worksheets and phone calls. Almost all learners could receive the worksheets and calls but a smaller number were Zoom ready. We identified 5 tutors who already had experience running online provision, to hold daily Zoom sessions, asked all tutors to provide weekly activity sheets from their classes and created a Call list to match students with staff.

 ‘Sameera loves being at home and getting her work sheets from college - she’s very content!’ Mum added that having the regular contact with college, emails and phone calls, provided a link and regular updates with college.

Sameera Mia (words from her mum)

Feedback on the Macbeth@Home course, from learners and their families, was very positive; 

I’m able to be involved in all the sessions I want. There are lots of activities for me to do each week. It’s nice to see people. I was really pleased to see other students in the same class as me

Mihir Vyas

Feedback from our tutors was also very encouraging:

Learners have said how much they appreciate being in touch and having the opportunity to catch up about what they have been doing. I have found doing the phone calls via zoom really good as it has felt like we could be in the same room! I usually have done a small activity or we have moved together during the phone call and this has supported connection and building of trust between us.  Holli Pendleton - SEN tutor

When we return, as well as continuing to develop and offer our usual provision, we will be looking at blended learning opportunities and Zoom sessions to support the new normal to enhance and maintain effective learning experiences.

Photos of learners on Macbeth@home course

Drew and Minali - SEN Learners

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