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Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts

16 September 2019

Watercolour and oil painting, Life drawing

'I graduated from art school in ‘77 (Byam Shaw School of Art, Kensington) working since then as a practising artist exhibiting in both private/commercial galleries and public spaces. These include: the Royal Academy, Fine Arts Society, Riverside Studios, Pitshanger Gallery, Watermans Brentford, Barbican, Strand Gallery, Christopher Hull Gallery, Gallery 286  and this year (2019) at the Art Pavilion, Mile End.

Just after leaving art school I lived and worked in New York and have shown abroad in Chicago, Formentera and South Africa.

Since I was a child I’ve always drawn and painted, with one of my earliest memories of being taken to the Sistine Chapel when I was five.


I did a little teaching when I was in my final year at art school and found I was able to give useful critical evaluations and advice to students, then did a few days as a guest lecturer at Newport Art School. Following that, a fellow artist friend of mine put me in touch with a full time lecturer at Maidstone Art School who invited me along for a trial day and I ended up teaching there for seven or eight years.  I enjoy interacting with students, discussing their work intentions and ambitions and trying to help them achieve their aims. I give them help, advice and information - which I have gained over 40 years of practice as a fine artist and 30 years of teaching. Both contemporary artists and old masters inspire me, including: Picasso, Matisse, Francis Bacon, Alan McGowan, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Rubens. I would love to have collaborated with Picasso as his inventiveness, intensity and enthusiam was so inspiring. If I was to pick a historical figure to teach I would have loved to have taught Winston Churchill as he had real natural talent but no formal training.

I run a number of courses at the Macbeth Centre, teach at Putney School of Art & Design and work with a secure mental health unit teaching and helping patients facilitate their ideas. I also teach private classes: Life Drawing, Portraiture, Water Colours, Oil Painting and Drawing for Beginners; and run my own summer workshops in August, plus Open Studios each year which I encourage my students to attend (so that they can see if I practice what I preach)! You can view my work on the Saatchi online website or view my Instagram account - stephengregsonart.'

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