Why we cancelled all Term 3 courses at Macbeth

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Adult Learning and Skills Service

7 July 2021

Cancelled course at Macbeth Centre


Dear Student 

We were all very disappointed that we had to close our Macbeth Centre with immediate effect on Wednesday 30th June. The decision to close our Adult Education classes was made by the H&F Director of Covid 19 in consultation with the H&F Public Health Officer and other members of the H&F Council’s C19 Recovery Board. Once our Adult Learning & Skills Service (ALSS) was instructed to close with “immediate effect”, all of our students were notified via text within 2 hours of the decision being made. 

As a Council Service, ALSS was instructed by the H&F C19 Recovery Board that all face to face classes had to be closed immediately, due to the increased rate of Covid variant D. We were informed that the infection rate in H&F had reached 170 per 100k population (on Tuesday) and rising and H& F is now currently the highest in London. This was a very difficult situation for all ALSS staff and students, but we have to abide by the Council’s decision to try and reduce the infection rate and keep our staff and residents safe. 

All of our Adult Learning staff have worked incredibly hard over the last year to ensure that we were able to bring back some of our face to face classes in a C19 safe and secure environment. So we totally understand and share the frustration that staff and other students felt about this decision by the H&F C19 Recovery Board. 

Once again, I’m very sorry that we had to close our Macbeth centre, but as a Council Service we have to abide by the decision of the C19 Recovery Board. We sincerely hope to be able to return to our face to face classes in September, but once again we are reliant on the final decision on our return by the H&F Recovery Board.   


Kind regards

Eamon Scanlon

Head of Adult Learning & Skills Service

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