Learner Profile - Amanda Williams

portrait of leaner Amanda Williams with some of her art works in the background

Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts

16 September 2019

City & Guilds level 2 certificate in 2D drawing and painting

'My journey began with my partner enrolling me on two short courses; drawing and painting, and life drawing. I met with a very well-rounded and disciplined teacher at the Macbeth Centre (Jutta Gloeckner). She inspired me from the start, appreciating my raw talent and potential, and has opened my eyes up to many things I never knew. She continues to encourage me immensely, more than she even realises.

Jutta recommended the 2D drawing and painting course, and as I wanted to explore and develop my art to a higher level, she said this would be a great first step. She was right. It has really ignited a thirst for more achievement, helping to unleash a creative side I was certainly unaware of.

The course has been very interesting and enlightening on both the practical and theoretical side. The practical part has given me the opportunity to experiment with so much, while tapping into an inner creative bubble. On the theoretical side, it has increased my knowledge and interest in a host of artists, new and old, as well as consolidating my understanding of how historical art and art movements have progressed. To add to the multitude of art knowledge gained, it’s helped me to appreciate an array of different techniques, using a variety of mediums in diverse ways.

I think what I like best is that under the creative eye and directive of our teacher, Tim Cunliffe, we have the freedom to express art in our own way - I am much more freer in my work and understand what works and what doesn’t.

I’m still enjoying the challenges and journey and believe I have progressed well. I’m very eager and determined, and often I’ll work many hours on art outside class. It has made me stronger and more resolute personally, and given me much more focus professionally.

The course has a mixed range of abilities; the great thing about art is that this does not really impact you as an artist. In fact, it can help all sides to learn from each other in many ways.

Together with the encouragement of both my tutors (Jutta and Tim), the course has made me very determined to pursue my art studies further and ultimately advance in my career.

My next step is a foundation in art course but I plan to expand my studies up to and beyond degree level.'

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