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Languages & Interpreting

16 September 2019

Spanish Intermediate

'I had always wanted to think and dream in another language, and understand a different perspective. Members of my family moved to Spain and learned the language. I love the sun too, so Spanish was the obvious choice.

It is difficult, the mental fatigue after a hard day’s work and then another two hours of learning. However, the connections you make with people and the skills you acquire more than make up for the effort required. Sometimes, you forget how tired you are, and you really immerse yourself in conversations about current affairs or other subjects, and you have a sudden moment of realisation that you’re doing it in a different language. It’s a very exciting feeling!

I’m lucky enough to have the tutor that  I do (Carmen Garcia) as she has a really broad interest in a lot of different subjects - so you not only learn about things like art or current affairs in Spanish, but discuss them too. For me that’s the most engaging way of learning - because those are things I’m already interested in rather than just the nuts and bolts and mechanics of Spanish. You do still need to get to grips with those too but it possibly makes it slightly more difficult just focusing on that.

Knowing that I am improving, learning and progressing all the time and being able to speak another language is really benefiting me. It has helped me with my confidence in speaking up for myself in general. Learning another language is hugely empowering. I feel I’m progressing slowly, but steadily.

As a writer, I am able to work remotely so being able to speak another language opens up a lot of opportunities for me. I intend to move to Spain and live out my days watching Andalusian sunsets.

The process of learning I have found to be really rewarding, and when you notice you’ve progressed that’s the best feeling. I want to keep learning throughout my adult life. Though I’m not quite up to dreaming in Spanish yet!'

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