Learner Profile - Nurgul Sumer

Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts

16 September 2019

C&G level 2 certificate in 2D drawing and painting

When I was a child I was always drawing around newspapers, tissues, and anything I used to find. That’s when I knew I’d found my passion - drawing - and I was also inspired by a lot of artists around my area in Turkey.

I’ve found the course to be very beneficial for me, helping improve my techniques in drawing and painting. It is a very friendly and helpful environment. All the equipment and materials in class are very useful and good quality, and I can use new media I have never used before. It’s also very enjoyable through meeting lots of new and friendly people.

There are several firsts for me: how to make a sculpture (as I never did this before) and was so happy I was able to do it; I also used ink for the first time - it was so easy and useful to use and I’m really pleased with the results - it was just like a dream.

Right now, I look after the administration and paperwork for my son’s accounting business, and I do my art class - but the majority of the time throughout the week I like to be creative, drawing and painting at home in my free time, and also making clothes and knitting.

I’m learning and improving my abilities in art and this is also boosting my morale and confidence. I am more active and feel my emotions and mind-state have changed into more positive ones because whenever I do what I love to do, I feel amazing! I feel freer and happier.

I have progressed a lot by seeing myself as a better artist and am striving to do better all the time to get to my best ability. Although I need more practice I still think I am doing very well, much more than before.

My next step is to further my art by making it into a business. I want my art work to be out there for the rest of the world to see, but I would also love to study more and maybe go to university.

This course is very helpful towards my plans. It’s made me more confident in what I want to do - which is drawing.  My only dream and wish has come true and I’m hoping this can impact the rest of my life positively.

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