ALSS learners visit Hammersmith library

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15 February 2024

ALSS learners visit Hammersmith library

ESOL Enrichment Activity

As part of an enrichment activity, ESOL learners from H&F’s Macbeth Centre were given a tour by Anne Cooper, the customer service manager for Hammersmith library.  

The trip was arranged to introduce learners to H&F’s local services and resources such as language learning software, audio books, women’s health services, free legal advice, free access to computers and much more.

History and art

The tour included information about the history of the 1905 Grade II listed building, the sculptures of Shakespeare and Milton by Frederick Schenk, the stained glass windows which features literary figures including Chaucer, Spenser and Bacon and access to the archive room accessed by a marble staircase or lift.


Thank you very much for your arrangement for the visit to the library, it was a very wonderful experience and I enjoyed very much! Thank you again!

ESOL Learner

New library members

The group of ten learners made up of different nationalities such as Ukrainian, Eritrean, Italian, Romanian, Syrian, Spanish, Saudi Arabian, Chinese and Moroccan, enjoyed the experience and found the staff to be extremely helpful and accommodating. Five learners made the decision to register for a membership on the day.

Homework Clubs

The close partnership with H&F libraries has prompted further collaborations and Homework clubs are now running at the following libraries till the end of February.

Hammersmith Library

Every Monday until 26 February

Time: 4pm – 6pm 


Shepherds Bush Library

Every Wednesday until 28 February

Time 4pm – 6pm




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