Diversity, inclusion and equality in the classroom

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15 May 2024

Teaching assistant class

By Marcia Roberts

As a teacher, I ensure all students learn about different cultures. The lessons are fair and inclusive. We talked about diversity, equality and inclusion as part of the course qualification. Learners gain understanding of different beliefs, backgrounds and cultures, accepting and celebrating differences.

Topic of the week: Faith: Ramadan, Eid and Easter celebration.

This week we have been talking about faith

Some of the learners created presentations to talk about their faith celebrations and as a group, we had an open discussion about the differences and similarities in the way we celebrated.

Food is often served to mark these occasions. Some of the students also brought in items such as traditional food, sweets, drinks and special decorations that signified light, peace, happiness, sharing and a closeness to God.


A table spread containing cultural food, snacks and ornaments

This experience helped me to better understand the topic of diversity, inclusion and equality in a more realistic way.

Learner enrolled on the Teaching assisstant course

Helping learners succeed

I recognise that each student learns in different ways, therefore I must create an inclusive environment and positive atmosphere where students feel safe to express themselves without being judged. I believe this contributes to motivating learning.

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