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18 May 2021

We have seen some incredible efforts from our students family members and support staff since the pandemic started, making sure our learners were able to keep accessing classes, be part of their communities and get the support they need during this difficult time. We wanted to highlight the work done at one particular supported living accommodation, Cambus Lodge, who continue to go above and beyond to support, engage and entertain their residents. 

The Cambus Lodge residents are Roy, Jackie, Terry, Simon and Michael and they are brilliantly supported by their staff Leila, Margo, Manuela, Fatima, Fariya, Mercy, Maryam and Lorraine. 

‘What got me was the sense of togetherness and generosity that Cambus Lodge displayed and has continued to display since these weird times started a year ago. This goes right across the board from the tremendous staff and the warmth of the residents. They have coped magnificently throughout the present situation. It is their engagement and obvious enjoyment of the sessions that is so refreshing.’

Colm G, Tutor and Learning Support Assistant
Cambus Lodge learners online

Cambus residents joining online courses

Since we had to close our centres because of the pandemic, Cambus Lodge have attended more of our Zoom sessions than anyone else and they always bring enthusiasm and smiles to their classes. Learners are always supported to fully take part in the sessions, complete worksheets at home and the staff help us carry out the 1-2-1 Well-being calls and Zoom chats with their residents every week. 

‘At the start of the pandemic it was very difficult to keep the spirits of the residents up. Not knowing how to fill their days because there was no structure, we had to become teachers as well as carers. Which can be challenging to come up with the ideas. Macbeth@home has been very much appreciated and gave us a better understanding of the role the teachers have when students are attending Macbeth


The zoom classes work brilliant and all students look forward to seeing their friends and tutors. Feeling a vital part of the community. Showing their drawings to rest of the class and getting appreciated as they would in the classroom.’

Cambus Lodge staff

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Learners taking part in activities at Cambus Lodge

Learners taking part in activities at Cambus Lodge

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