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9 November 2020

Read websites in the language you're learning, translate words you don't know, and create flashcards to help you remember.

The Readlang web reader is a browser extension available for Chrome and Safari. After adding it to your browser, you access a site with a text you’d like to read, for example, one of the blogs on TeachingEnglish. When you select the extension, it asks you to choose the language of the text you’d like to read and the language you’d like to translate it to. You can then left click any word from the text to instantly get a translation right above it.

What’s more, all the words you select get added to a word list and the application automatically generates flashcards which can be used for review. Each flashcard is displayed with the sentence in which you first encountered the word so it doesn’t become decontextualised.

For more information and a detailed user guide go to:

You can also veiw a video below.


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