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English, ESOL, Maths & Family Learning

16 September 2019

English Functional Skills Levels 1 and 2

'I wanted to learn because I’m not from this country and didn’t have any qualifications before I started the course.  I initially joined the non-accredited English class. I started reading, and doing a bit more at home.  Then I realised I was writing more.  My tutors encouraged me a lot - it makes you want to do more, and you don’t want to miss a class.

Before,  I never used to email because I kept feeling like I was doing it wrong.  I’m much more confident now - knowing how to edit and finish emails.  I can also write letters to anyone, formal and informal.  I can do all of this now without asking someone to help me, or do it for me.

I liked the English course a lot because it has improved how I speak, when to use the past tense and the present tense, and pronunciation.  I’m getting very good at my spelling too because I used to spell the way I talked.  So, it really helped me a lot.

It’s also helped me to be more confident.  I was so shy! I couldn’t really talk to people.  It really helped boost my confidence, and be open.

When I went up to level 1, I started doing more work and kept saying to myself: how am I going to do this and juggle my job? But I didn’t want to give up. My tutor Jenny always encourages me a lot. That’s what makes you want to come back.  I used to go home and enjoy doing homework, once I started doing it and put my mind to it, I thought I can do more. So, I continued doing it and sat the exam.  I just kept saying to myself I was going to pass, that I could do it!

When I got the email from the Macbeth Centre to say I passed, I thought there had been a mistake but then it was confirmed and I was so happy!  I passed all three units.  It just makes me want to continue now.  I know if I put my mind to it I can do whatever I want, or reach whatever level I want.  I’m on to level 2 now and am going to do the exam.  After that I want to do maths and childcare. Then when I finish those I think I want to go on to university'.

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