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22 February 2022


The role of an interpreter can be very challenging, but also rewarding, and below are some of the reasons why you might love this kind of work.

  • Interpreters are the voice of the community

    Interpreters speak for a community that cannot fully speak for themselves. Those with limited language proficiency depend on the interpreter to help relay messages and feelings that they cannot convey themselves.
  • Flexibility - “Interpreters choose the jobs they want”

    Interpreters take full advantage of the perk of having their freedom to set up their own schedule. As an independent contractor, it is entirely up to the interpreter to decide when and where they would like to work. 
  • Interpreting is a continuous learning experience

    The work of an interpreter is anything but mundane. The nature of the job means that you’ll be covering a wide range of topics and meeting different challenges with every project.
    Interpreters find themselves in hospitals, courthouses, schools, and corporate settings. While in these fields, the interpreter is not only going to be helping clients but learning from them as well.
    You’ll also need to keep your vocabulary and general language skills polished and up to date, so the chances of being bored are slim indeed.

If you are interested in a career in interpreting, go to Interpreting Courses to find out what courses we currently have on offer.

These courses require an interview prior to enrolment.  Please click on Book an interview and you will be taken to our booking portal to book your place or call us on 020 8753 3600.

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