Learn to play the ukulele


1 May 2024

Ukulele short course

Strum your way to happiness in 6 weeks!

Discover the joy of playing the ukulele with our beginner-friendly course.

Join us for six fun-filled weeks and learn to play your favourite tunes in no time. Get ready to spread smiles and good vibes with your new ukulele skills!

* This is an Agewell class and is only open to anyone who is 50+*


Course details

  • Starts: Tuesday 18 June 
  • Time: 11am - 12pm
  • Course code: AW3890

How do I book?

For more information about the course and to book online go to Ukulele course or you can call us on 020 8753 3600.

Two mature ladies playing the ukelele

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