Learner Profile - Jacintha Witter-Hall

Special Educational Needs

23 July 2020

PES Healthy Eating & AW Gardening

Jacintha has been attending PES Healthy Eating and AW Gardening classes this year, after achieving and progressing on from the Hospitality and Catering Project in the previous academic year. 

As part of her learning journey, Jacintha has become interested in following a healthy life style which combines learning to cook healthy versions of the dishes that she enjoys eating, growing some of her own food at home and exercising regularly, this includes attending a mainstream Pilates class at Macbeth. 

Each Wednesday Jacintha also puts her food preparation skills to good use by volunteering at Age UK where she makes and serves lunches and refreshments for the borough’s older residents. 

Tutors have observed Jacintha becoming much more confident. She enjoys socialising with family members and friends, is a member of a local choir and is currently receiving support to help her to obtain paid part-time work for a local employer.


photos of person with daffodil bulbs and red onions

Jacintha planting daffodil bulbs and harvesting red onions

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