The benefits of First Aid Training

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22 February 2022

Some jobs are more dangerous than others, but every employer is responsible for the safety of their employees in the workplace. One of the best ways for employers to meet their legal and moral obligations to their employees is to provide first aid training to employees. Having employees trained in first aid provides benefits that aren’t always obvious. We will look at some of the ways that first aid training can benefit both employers and employees. 

Benefits for employers

  • Reduce workplace accidents through awareness

    First aid training helps employees learn to be more conscious of safety in the workplace, leading to a reduced number of accidents and injuries. Minimizing risk to workers and decreasing workplace incidents is a benefit to everyone, but for employers it has implications within all aspects of business operations. 
  • Reduce Lost Productivity

    In the event of an emergency, a fast employee response can save lives. Employees trained in first aid will understand the steps to take during an emergency, thanks to increased confidence and preparation. A quick response can reduce recovery time, and help employees return to work sooner. 
  • A more positive work environment

    By making first aid training available to employees, employers can show their workforce that they care about providing a safe work environment. Workers understand that the people around them are trained to assist, should they fall sick or injure themselves. And that can have a substantial effect on morale. 

 Benefits for employees

  • Safety in the workplace

    Employees benefit from others around them receiving first aid training because it keeps them safer. First aid courses in the workplace promote safer practise amongst employees.
  • Safety outside of the workplace

    It’s not just in the workplace where good first aid training is paramount – employees will have those skills for life, especially if they maintain ongoing refresher courses. This means they can treat themselves, their family and friends and the public effectively in an emergency. 
  • Confidence and clarity in an emergency

    First aid training can teach employees how to properly use first aid kits, and to stay calm during an emergency. These skills are important for providing first aid to others, it also gives them confidence and effectively manage an emergency without fear, confusion or overwhelm.

If you are thinking about training in first aid for yourself or for a member of staff in your organisation, why not sign up to one of our courses listed below:

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