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18 March 2024

Upskill or reskill at the Macbeth Centre 

Looking to enhance your skills and stand out in the competitive job market? 

Look no further than H&F Macbeth Centre's exciting lineup of courses starting next week. Our new term starts Monday 15 April and runs until Monday 15 July.

Don’t miss the chance to upgrade your CV or even land your dream job. To book your course today, call 020 8753 3600 or enrol online on one of over 200 courses.

Here's a sneak peek at what we’ve got coming up in Term 3:

1. Brush up on your digital skills

In today's digital age, computer skills are beneficial for any job seeker. 

If you’re a total tech beginner, sign up for our computer basics class. For more novice learners, our Essential Digital Skills course is ideal – Plus you’ll gain a qualification to add to your resume.

2. Learn a trade

Get under the hood and kickstart your career in our car maintenance course.

“One of our students studying in the City & Guilds Car Maintenance class went on to become a qualified MOT tester. And now, he’s opened his own garage offering MOT and car repairs,” 

Nick McKenzie, who runs the engineering department.

In our welding course, you can also get hands-on experience that will make you a hot commodity on the job market.

3. Develop your language skills

We have a vast array of different language courses to explore varying from beginners to advanced proficiency.

This term we have some new beginners courses in Arabic, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

4. Get qualified in education and training

Get started on a career teaching in adult education.

No previous experience in teaching adults is necessary; however candidates should be able to demonstrate a commitment to teaching in further, adult or community education.

5. Improve your English and Maths skills

Is your English or Maths a little rusty?

Our classes can help you refresh your skills, whether you’re a complete beginner or more advanced. Book a quick interview with our expert tutors – They will help you pick the best course for your goals.

6. Get creative

If you’re in a bit of a rut, our arts & crafts classes can help inspire you.

We’ve got jewellery, clothes making, photography, picture framing, pottery,  printing on cloth and stained glass. 

Enrol today!

You can call 020 8753 3600 or sign up online. Even if a class has already started, you may still be able to join – Give us a call on to find out.

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