SEN Celebration of Achievement 2023

Special Educational Needs

10 July 2023

Showcasing and celebrating our learners with Special Educational Needs.

On Monday 3 July, we celebrated our special educational needs (SEN) learners’ achievements and talents.

More than 200 people joined us in celebrating the students’ successes in this year’s classes, including H&F’s Mayor, Cllr Patricia Quigley.

The entire event was a collaboration between the learners to show off what they’ve learned throughout the year.

This year’s awards were given out for Employment Projects, Pre-employment Skills and Personal Development.

The mayor coming makes it more special.  It was great to see everyone back together after so long.  I was really happy the mayor presented me with my certificate.




Celebrating our students

Each participant beamed as they accepted their awards and were recognised for their achievements. Check out the photos here.

The event was held at the Rivercourt Methodist Church, just down King Street from the Macbeth Centre. 

  • The cooking class made the cakes and treats.
  • The gardening class handed out tomato plants, which the computer class created care instructions for.
  • The dance fitness, drama and yoga classes also put on performances.
  • And the animation students played a video highlighting their work. 

Very happy to meet the mayor and that she came to our celebration of achievement.  When we get to dance together at the end is the best bit.


Empowered by education

As a part of Hammersmith & Fulham’s commitment to become the most inclusive borough, we offer 25 SEN courses which are designed to help students find employment and build their confidence.

From maths and English to customer service, our students learn vital skills that prepare them for work, including hospitality and catering.

The courses offer individually tailored learning plans to meet the diverse range of needs of those with learning difficulties and disabilities.

The programme creates a sense of community while helps to develop personal and social skills. There’s also lots of opportunities to socialise, including our walk & talk group which encourages people to improve their communication skills while getting active. 


If you are interested in learning more about our SEN offer, please check out our SEN page or give us a call on 020 8753 3600.

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